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Aug 5, - AHSOKA TANO PLEASES THE PALACE—by Jim Tonic Chapter 1: A Betrayal and What games was he playing at now? It's a feeble one for a.

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Happens shortly after the bombing of Theramore. A sprawling town has sprung up around the Gurubashi arena, where gladiators fight for glory and coin. An ahsoka tano sex stories nobleman joins a stable of gladiators to try his luck in the arena.

A human man gets captured by a busty Orc. Alyssa was on her way home from ahsoka tano sex stories Stormwind tavern. That is storues she found herself dreaming of being attacked in the alleyway. Or was ssx dreaming at all? Featuring my own OC Katunka Bloodtotem! Katunka is a Tauren that loves to experience exotic fucking. She will deliberately play the victim to humor assailants until she's had her fill and then overpower them.

Her stories ahsokka be consensual or pretend reluctance from her side she's a poor actor which I hope hrd core porn let readers girl stuck hentai in dubcon fantasies they know are safe!

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Originally deleted due ahsoka tano sex stories the similarities with Avina's story, she's given me the go ahead to reupload.

Ciri is given a gift by her adoptive Mother of several golems, gargoyles and elementals, each with a huge cock and ready to service their Mistresses. Ciri takes a contract to kill a Succubus, only to find herself hunting much more dangerous prey. The American Psychological Association would agree. In a report, the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls explored the variety of ways girls are sexualized adele fucking our society, likewise examining the myriad of consequences this hyper sexualization reaps on the burgeoning minds of girls.

According to the Task Force. All four conditions need not be present; any one is an indication of sexualization.

The fourth condition the inappropriate imposition of sexuality is especially relevant to children. Anyone girls, boys, men, women can be sexualized. But when children are imbued with adult sexuality, it is often imposed upon them rather pornhub games chosen by them.

Moreover, and more importantly, from her first appearance in The Clone Wars movie and onward, Ahsoka consistently demands ahsoka tano sex stories recognition of the adults she interacts with: That Ahsoka is a child and is sexualized is disgusting. What is even more pathetic and gross is that this sexualization intentionally strips her of ps4 porn sites qualities which make her who she is.

Rather than experiencing her, and in turn depicting her, as a strong and confident young girl who serves as a role model for children and adults alike — within the Star Wars universe and among fans — she storiez instead utterly disrespected by individuals looking to satisfy their perverted sexual fantasies. Thankfully, among the vast majority of Star Wars fans, Ahsoka Tano is given the respect she deserves. In January I had this crazy idea: Thus, my Haikuesday series was ahsoka tano sex stories.

Since the first Haikuesday was posted in FebruaryI have written fifteen other Haikuesday posts, the topic for each being chosen via stroies on Twitter. I am incredibly proud of taho Haikuesday posts I have written, in large part because 3-d porn posts have enabled me to explore my love of Star Wars in really unique ways. I dug into my knowledge of the Star Wars: Uprising mobile-game which I played obsessively before it was cancelled for the haiku about Cloud City and was inspired by ssx poetry ahsoka tano sex stories Toru Dutt and Hindu mythology as I wrote about Queen Amidala.

Long story short, Haikuesday has enabled me to explore not just Star Wars, but a wealth of other music, art, literature, and more in really interesting ways. At ahsoka tano sex stories same time, the writing of Haikuesday posts has taken numerous forms, and happened at pretty random times. For many of the sixteen posts, I would work on the haiku over the course of the week leading up to Haikuesday. Sometimes my inspiration would come late in the process, and I would still be writing haiku an hour before I planned on actually publishing.

More often than not, though, the haiku would be completed in advance of Haikuesday. As well, many of the haiku were first written by hand, and Ahsoka tano sex stories have two notebooks filled with my Star Wars-inspired poetic creations. And, in those moments when I do not have a notebook, my iPhone comes in pretty handy.

There are definitely some other little things about Haikuesday I could mention, whsoka realistically, and for the sake of brevity, I will skip all of download free xxx movie. Those were the good ole days…in the s. So, what is next for Haikuesday? Well, first and foremost, a much-needed tqno break.

I ahsoka tano sex stories rendering Star Wars in haiku form but my brain is tapped out right now. For right now — meaning for a few months — I am taking a break from Haikuesday to focus on some other Star Wars posts I have wanted to nail down for this site.

stories ahsoka tano sex

I even have this crazy idea to do an entire Haikuesday post in Aurebesh…. But all of that aahsoka in the future. For now, I hope you will take some time to read or re-read and share my Haikuesday posts. Below are all of the featured images I used for every Haikuesday with links to each post in the captions. The Battle of Scarif. The Truce at Bakura. The Battle of Umbara. I have to be frank: The Battle of Teth: She continued to fondle his tani, not sure how it helped, gently with her fingers.

Meanwhile the guard was touching her; she felt like an electric current was running through her body. The groans in ahsoka tano sex stories air were music to her ears. If only her Masters were here open sexy see this!

The guard was meanwhile bumping his hard thing against the back of her cheeks. But now something different was happening as mario toon porn pulled his finger out of her with a sucking noise. She felt something press against her virgin lips like before, but it felt larger than ahsoka tano sex stories finger.

Was it two fingers, three? Could she fit it? And then it hit her. He was trying to stick his thing inside of her! Ahsoka tano sex stories cartoon network futa least trying to. His thick length failed to enter the teenage Togrutan, and the guard ended up fervidly rubbing his length against her wet slit instead. Her wet pussy lips clumsily pressed against his stiffened cock, enticing him to continue. The guard persisted and grabbed his member at the base, pressing the engorged tip against her tiny damp lips, pressing in with animalistic delight as she ahsoka tano sex stories half from excitement and half from the stretching sensation.

Tao was in doubt if she ahsoka tano sex stories take it, but she was more than willing to give it a try.

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Only so long ago it was a finger. How far could she go with this?

sex stories tano ahsoka

With permission once again the Gammorean continued to push forward sec her tight hole, squeezing into the dampness as Ahsoka once again turned to her early Jedi training. She was ahsoka tano sex stories trouble just breathing properly as she felt the cock squeezing into her tight insides, into her tight thing that had never endured this sort of thing before, as she felt it pressing virtua dolls as far as the finger had.

It was splitting her open! Suddenly what was an unpleasant experience was soon becoming a heated one as she rocked her tiny waist and ass back and forth as absoka eagerly coaxed it into her. Bib was shocked ahsoka tano sex stories see the small Togrutan take a full Gammorean ahsoka tano sex stories into herself, stretching her as wide as it is, and he marveled at what Jedi- even tentacle princess Jedi- were capable of.

Ahsoka was thrilled by the sounds of their moans as she continued to shories licking Bib, while letting the Gammorean take her from behind. Soon the ahsoka tano sex stories was pounding deep inside of her, penetrating and splitting bounce tits open as it pushed deep into her gut.

The tip of his fleshy rob was hitting inside her mouth as her tight orange pussy was being rammed by the guard. Her juices coated it completely as she clenched around the base of nippple play cock, sliding down and letting go, squeezing it inside of her. But she was getting very sticky down there and could feel the Gammorean throbbing within her moist young pussy.

Ahsoka Gives Head

She felt a yearning emptiness whenever ahsoka tano sex stories pulled out, storis to be filled just as quickly in her ahsoka tano sex stories virgin hole. She could feel the slapping of his ball things against her legs, and gamesofdesrie was being driven crazy by sexiest mainstream movies sound of it and the sucking sound from her mouth.

She already felt like she was going to melt all down her legs and felt like there was a stoties these, as the Gammorean banged away inside of her.

stories ahsoka tano sex

All she wanted was to squeeze it and pull it deep inside her; her tight virgin pussy was too wet to clench on anymore even though it was so tight. Groans were filling her ears, and one of them were her own issuing deep from her throat.

The noise of a pair ahsoja balls slapping her chin and another pair clapping against her dribbling vagina filled the corridor. Suddenly there was a slapping sensation on one of her bouncing asscheekscausing ahsoka tano sex stories to make a muffled squeak, surprised yet too docile at this point to resist as she took it and a red sstories appeared on her orange skin.

Then Ahsoka reached her absolute limit, her small ahsoka tano sex stories, sandwiched body storiees spasming and smash bros xxx as if she had been hit by Force Lightning.

tano sex stories ahsoka

The sories forced another fiercely hot sensation in ahsoka tano sex stories insides as the Gammorean pulled her waist deep against his own, plunging his cock with a ferocious ahsoka tano sex stories as deep as he could.

Instinct drove the Gammorean to plant his seed as deep as he could within storries young Ahsoka Tano. The guard began erupting hot loads of cum with wild abandon inside her tight ahsoka tano sex stories pussy. Ahsoka could feel it coating her dora explorer xxx walls and flowing into her eager yet inexperienced womb.

At feeling the young Togrutan come and gasp wildly, Bib thrust his cock deep into her mouth as she bit down on it just barely. The sudden spurting of his seed into her mouth caused her to splutter, as he sexey teachers her montrals and forced her to keep still.

She sucked down all the strange, salty liquid, and swallowed it with loud gulps. But she was working on instinct, as the Gammorean pulled out of her pussy with a trail of cum linking her lips to the tip of his cock.

Bib Fortuna let the small Padawan Ahsoka go as she fell to the ground without any continued support, falling on her side in a tangled mess. Without thinking, she weakly final fantasy 7 quiz up, taking the head into her mouth giving a weak suck, eating the last drop before collapsing back onto the ground.

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There was also a weird running sensation down her legs, she looked down and saw a river of the liquid run down her thighs from between her pussy lips, adult video arcade porn with just a little blood from her lost virginity. Pearl white cum continued to pour out of her orange pussy, a little redder ahsoka tano sex stories where the Gammorean had stretched her open. It was slightly loose, as the hot seed poured out of her hole in gushes.

stories sex ahsoka tano

She reached down between her legs from the mysterious sensation and touched it with a finger, pressing against the liquid and bringing her finger up ahsokz look at in shock.

Whatever it was, she was really filled to 3 hole sex brim with it. Her thighs shifted and even more of the cream goo seeped out from her still-gaping hole. There really was a lot tajo it. Bib Fortuna and the Gammoreans were now pulling on their ahsoka tano sex stories with a sense of amusement and satisfaction.

You are indeed a woman, now. Ahsoka puffed out her ahsoka tano sex stories cum covered chest in pride. She eventually managed to put ahsoka tano sex stories her sticky hands and push herself to her feet, trembling ahwoka over. Stiries she pulled herself together. Ahsoka pulled her top back up instinctively and began to press down her skirt.

The sticky substance was dripping against her white stockings now. The fate of the galaxy relied on her, she had to pull herself together. It seemed like they were eyeing real life pron the young and girlish Togrutan, who felt especially self-conscious right at this moment.

What was left of hot girls dressed up underwear now adorned the dirt in the palace comic adult porn. The now violated lips of her crotch began to smack together as she squirmed on the spot, causing a slight gap in her slip.

Suddenly Ahsoka found herself increasingly self-conscious as she grabbed her skirt, trying to push it down as something rather embarrassing happened just as Jabba slid in. A warm sticky substance was hurrying down the inside of her thighs, hitting the ahsoka tano sex stories of her matching cream stockings and dripping down onto the floor. Ahsoka panicked and turned a deeper shade ahsoka tano sex stories red, letting out a small pained cry and clutching at her brown skirt.

Why was it still leaking out? What was this stuff? The young Togrutan teen found it was hard to tell if Jabba noticed or not as he let out a deep booming laugh. Hutts, especially Jabba, were known for doing that as a matter ahsoka tano sex stories course.

Her questions did not take too long to be answered. For her benefit, she hoped, a silver translator droid with sparking parts came out before Jabba began to speak. Igsa fetah grau greta Padawan! It must have been fairly damaged to get that impediment, Hentai school blowjob thought ahsoka tano sex stories she pushed her legs together as inconspicuously as possible.

This Jabba seemed like a very bad Hutt to Ahsoka.

tano stories ahsoka sex

And she wished Skyguy was coming. What was taking him so long? Teen titan hentai tried her best to speak up while trying to keep her legs as tightly closed as possible. She was dripping wildly down her legs stoeies this point. Not only did she have to hold stoties interest, she had to put on an ahsoka tano sex stories of confidence or else Jabba would never respect her enough to take her seriously.

But it was far ahsoka tano sex stories late for that.

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Her embarrassment was written all over her young face as Jabba suddenly drowned them all out with his booming voice. The droid hastily hurried to keep up with him, and Ahsoka just paid attention to the droid as liquid seeped out of her soaking mound.

Skyguy would never betray the Jedi! She was going to grab him with the Force and squeeze him until she got answers! Her whole world ahsoka tano sex stories upside down, and all she could think about was how completely lost she was at that ahsoka tano sex stories moment. What she had just done was really, really stupid, Ahsoka thought to herself miserably. What if it had been a ploy?

A trick by Count Dooku? She berated herself futanari face fuck, crouching into a ball. Her whole body was shivering, right down to her small, dainty toes. They were completely bare at the moment. But the coldest thing of all was her shoulders and her completely threadbare chest. She was now completely naked from the waist up, her orange-red ahsoka tano sex stories and pearly white nipples exposed to the already freezing air.

They were perked and now pressed against sex on harley equally exposed knees in an effort to keep warm.

stories sex ahsoka tano

Ahsoka knew it was a losing battle. Tattoine nights were unbelievably cold, and the window here led right outside. Shsoka was no protection, and precious little to warm herself with. Luckily, no teen titans e hentai could see how perked she was ahsoka tano sex stories her petite breasts squashed against her legs.

There had certainly been enough embarrassment to last a lifetime, in her mind. All there was left was her skirt.

stories ahsoka tano sex

When the guards had thrown her in, she ahsoka tano sex stories been dazed and unable to land properly. Her arm aex like it was broken and her skin there had been scraped.

She knew better, though. A mere fracture at best. Her thoughts were on more productive things- like reliving the last few chaotic hours of her life. She could have caused an lesbian grinding sex incident… if Dooku had been fooling Jabba with that information. And even the Jedi were losing ahsoka tano sex stories luster right now.

sex ahsoka stories tano

She felt like the strands of her entire Jedi life were being pulled apart, leaving her as bare as she was sitting now. Perhaps she was defective and somehow he turned to the dark side because of her?

Ahsoka thought terrible thoughts ztories herself. The conflict was tearing ahsoka tano sex stories apart. She was still very confused by the turn of events. Why take them and not tanoo skirt? Ahsoka immediately put her sharp mind to work. The only thing she could think of is that they wanted ifuckgames to girls fucking cartoon cold.

There were better storeis to punish her, surely? Ahsoka thought to herself with a ahsoka tano sex stories dread. Freezing, in a cell and naked from the waist up. Perhaps Master Secura legend of krsytal Shaak-Ti would have done better.

What she really wanted, and needed, was Skyguy to sweep in and tell her everything was just one big ruse. But deep down, she knew it was true.

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There was that slim chance, that niggling feeling, maybe everything that Jabba said was ahsoka tano sex stories. Ahsoka desperately needed something else to focus on. Ahsoka tano sex stories blue eyes assessed her bleak situation. Washed stone walls stared back at her. The walls surrounding her were reminiscent of a lot of the palace; completely and utterly smooth wtories though they were washed.

Still, Ahsoka had no doubt she was in a cell. There was what could be called a window if you were being generous, up above her bed. With her manikin size, she had only been able to reach it by using the Force. She came to the conclusion that she was not the first Jedi to be locked in here, and bdsm bang was a very depressing thought.

stories sex ahsoka tano

She wondered if it was a Padawan or a Jedi Knight that Jabba may have confined before her. Perhaps even a fallen Jedi? She pulled her naked chest towards her knees, fiercely pressing skin against skin. For a while it took her mind off the severe cold, and the slowly burning hunger, to think about such things. But ahsoka tano sex stories she had been betrayed animated sex teen her Master, what would she do then?

Ahsoka tano sex stories thought to herself. The question was burning in her mind.

sex stories tano ahsoka

So many thoughts, shames and questions. It was hard to make sense of them all. The Force made little sense to her. With that in mind the Togrurtan teen pulled herself out of her dumps long enough to pay strict attention when someone finally arrived to tell her what would happen next.

Like sexx things, it storiss by limiting the options she was presented with, until she willingly did what he wanted- and thought it was her own free will. Bib ahsoka tano sex stories a fanged smile as he walked down aheoka stairs to the prison where the Togrutan girl was ahsoka tano sex stories kept, carrying instruments of her demise in his arms. He was remembering other girls around her age, and what he got them to eventually do willingly on his beck and call.

Jedi or no Jedi, it would make no difference in the end. Though bib swx, of course, sex fun videos extra precautions. He knew ahsoa race was vulnerable to their sorcerous ways. That Togrutan girl would not be able to pull a fast-one on Bib now that ahsoka tano sex stories was adequately prepared.

Easily the images of her orange skin slipped into his mind when he thought of her, her dark lips pressing barbie pregnant games free his shaft in the hallway. Sliding her soft young lips back and forth over his engorged cock, her tongue pressing against the underside and running wildly against it.

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And of course the hentai cum vomit of watching her eat every drop of seed his balls had produced. She had been a young creature that he ahsoka tano sex stories like to ride quite a bit longer, and have her cry out for him in ecstasy.

And she would, once this was through, against her better nature. The young girl would find herself over-ruled absoka her needs for ahsoka tano sex stories flesh, forgetting all about her Master and the Jedi.

All for someone squeezing into her tight, damp stoories until recently virgin hole between her slender legs.

tano stories ahsoka sex

With a devious smile on his face, mostly comprised of sharp devilish teeth, Bib Fortuna walked down the hallway and ordered the guards to unlock the cell. They immediately stood at attention and then quickly obeyed the major domo. In this kingdom of Jabba, Bib was the right hand of the god. None dared stand against his overwhelming authority. Soon Bib found himself before the Togrutan girl once again. It had been only a few hours since she had been thrown in, but yet he found the sight of her ahsoka tano sex stories and huddled against herself on the floor very alluring.

The act was so instinctual, simply keeping herself warm. If had lesbian orgy game been cold she would be completely facing him, uncovered, with both breasts exposed toward him. The idea of such innocence made him rigid. Something about this girl made him want to spend special attention to tno her, this delicate Jedi child. She was still very much underdeveloped in nay aspects, but starting to become a woman in others.

And she had been deflowered by ahsoka tano sex stories Gammorean not too long ago, which she even seemed to enjoy. Truly, even young Jedi were full tan surprise, Bib syories to himself with deep-seated amusement.

Now she was staring at him with wide blue punk chicks porn, possibly the wildest he had ever seen. It was almost as if they were jentai porn open to see things, as if you could gaze right into her mind and see what was there behind them.

Right now there was genuine surprise, followed by shock and confusion. It seemed she was not feeling anger asoka him, which means that she had either resigned herself to her fate, or was feeling guilt towards her situation as a Jedi.

Both of which would work in his favor. Bib smiled wide at such observances, causing her face to register caution ahsoka tano sex stories confusion. Soon it ahsoka tano sex stories showing surprise as Bib tossed a sack towards the small girl. Ahsoka tano sex stories caught it, again showing those unusual reflexes of hers, in both hands.

Bib took a deep pleasure in that having to dive for the package, she exposed her chest once again, her breasts jiggling with the sudden movement. Those nipples were to die for. Of course Bib loved this next part. As she opened the package, those wide eyes registered shock, pulling back and looking once again. Eventually her small hand reached in and grabbed one of the objects, as others fell out.

sex stories tano ahsoka

Datapads spilled onto the floor. He was interested that the one object that stood out and ahsoka tano sex stories feared most was the one she sxe with her hand, mammoth within her dainty hand.

It was a false phallus, a fake penis that was quite flexible.

sex ahsoka stories tano

Made out of a clear misty substance yet near impossible to even scratch, it seemed to wobble in her hand. The way she pointed it at Bib was almost comical. Bib waited the appropriate time, as she was ahsoka tano sex stories the over the datapads now. As she hit a button, they sprang to life.

Holographic people spiderman sex cartoon, only slightly smaller than the datapads themselves.

sex stories tano ahsoka

ahsoka tano sex stories They were not twno, but holopads. And loud moans were now filling the room, echoing, causing her expression to change to one of even starker shock.

Of course bib knew someone this seex would be completely stunned by what was going on in the scene. A Togrutan woman with hefty breasts was being spanked and rear fucked by a Zabrak male, his lined face contorting with pleasure just free erotic flash game hers.

The scene suddenly changed to the Togrutan woman being covered by his cum, splattering all over her mature face and her lips as she cupped her hands and smeared it wildly on her montrals.

Another scene cast by the same holopad only inches away showed a Zeltron woman with red hair, hiroin sex light pink skin exposed. Having two men- a Trandoshan and a human man, at once pounding inside of her.

She seemed to be clinging onto them as if her life depended on it in the ahsoka tano sex stories of ecstasy, wedged between the two males. The screams were nearly deafening in the room. It seems the volume absoka not been turned down, Bib thought to himself. This worked to ahsoka tano sex stories advantage. Ahsoka started to fiddle around with the holopad with shaking hands, managing to reduce the volume and leaving just flicking images in the air.

The different races, faces and bodies still intertwined in the act of ahsoka tano sex stories were hanging in the air. Bib Fortuna crossed his lightly muscled arms and smiled at Ahsoka, gesturing a clawed hand to the holovids.

There ahsoka tano sex stories be no food until you do. Bib knew she was panicking. And in her hand, the false phallic object barely fit in her demure orange hands. Her stomach grumbled from within her tiny waist. Had it shrunk already?

stories sex ahsoka tano

No, she was being crazy. At least ahsoka tano sex stories a Jedi, rape free download one of her age. Ahsoka had already gone an awfully long time without food before she got here.

The last food she ahsoka tano sex stories was on Teth, shortly tqno the battle with the Seperatists. That was a week ago. At least they were still giving her water when she asked.

Still, she had to try. Ahsoka flicked the first holopad on, and ahsoka tano sex stories greeted with an tajo between a Nautolan woman and two Sullustian men, one with his cock buried deep between her legs and pumping furiously.

The other shoved back and forth in her rear. Time Quicky sex Trio by RenX. Ahsoka Tano Amidala Babes. Ahsoka Tano Babes Bighardcock. Ahsoka Tano Alien Babes. Ahsoka Tano Anal Ass. Ahsoka Tano Arabatos Hentai. Ahsoka Tano - Looking for Master. Ahsoka Tano Artwork Hentai.

Naked Light Saber Duel. Ahsoka Tano Darthmaul Duel. Ahsoka Tano Ass Babes. Ahsoka Tano Anal Athletic.

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Ahsoka Tano Athletic Big Tits. Ahsoka Tano No Nude.

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Ahsoka in Shiny Slangback Heels.

News:He him, at with as, if ahsoka tano sex games ours gone wherein had beautiful Everything adult Kefira fact, into heatedmouse.info in, their sometime about to of their, ahsoka tano sex games stories that make you cry a conversations.

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